After John Miles, a close friend to late singer Moses Ssekibogo alias Mowzey Radio revealed during an interview with Kasuku that there is a possibility that the singer was poisoned by own producer Washington who is hiding the truth.

From the development, late singer’s baby Mama Lillian Mbabazi has decided to reopen the case at Entebbe court and get more details about it as well as getting the people involved in her husband killing to be put behind bars.

John pinned Washington for having been behind the alleged murder of Radio since he tried his best to block the late’s friends and family from accessing him when he was still alive with intentions of cutting off communication something he succeeds at.

In the interview, John recalls Washington slapping and pushing him away at a time when Mowzey was about to open up about what exactly happened to him.

On 1st February 2018, Radio was announced dead after sustaining injuries after an alleged fight with a one Troy Wamala at Da Bar a hangout place in Entebbe.

It was alleged by Washington that Troy carried and hit Radio’s head on the grown hence causing damage on his head however Milez disagrees with the allegations saying that what was on Radio’s head was a shrink, not a crack. He adds that the shrink could have been as a result of intentional beatings using a pipe on the head since Radio was a strong fighter who could not allow anyone to carry and hit him on the ground.

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