A total of 14 Youtube Channels the Government of Uganda is requesting Google to block for compromise national security and incite violence.

In a December 9th, 2020 letter to the Chief Executive Officer Google Inc, an American international company specializing in Internet services and products, UCC says the listed YouTube channels violate Ugandan laws. According to the letter, the continued broadcast by the channels might cause economic sabotage and compromise Uganda’s national security.

UCC claims that most of the named channels were used to mobilize riots that resulted into the loss of several lives in Uganda. UCC also accuses the YouTube channels of reporting news in a sensational, unbalanced, unprofessional and sensational manner.

The broadcasts contain gruesome pictures including pictures of dead bodies, wounded victims of attacks and accidents, in a manner likely to cause public anxiety. Glorifies lawlessness and undermines public interest, confidence in the law and its enforcement in Uganda,” the letter reads.

Below is the list:

  1. Ghetto TV
  2. KKTV
  3. Bobi Wine 2021
  4. JB Muwonge 2
  5. Namungo Media
  6. Ekyooto TV
  7. Map Mediya TV
  8. Uganda Empya
  9. Busesa Media Updates
  10. Uganda News Updates
  11. Uganda Yaffe
  12. Trending Channel UG
  13. Lumbuye Fred
  14. TMO online.
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