Local Singer Hassan Kigozi alias Geosteady has fired back at his baby mama Prima Kadarshi revealing that falling in love with her was like committing suicide.

Earlier this week, Prima took part in an interview with Galaxy TV, where she delved into several topics including her previous relationship with Geosteady.

It is here that Prima disclosed how she advised Geosteady out of the idea of quitting music, with an option of relocating to the USA.

She notes that initially, Geosteady had planned that his girlfriend Hindu Kay features in his ‘Sembera’ song, but he made up his mind and opted for Prima as it would generate more publicity about the song.

As if that weren’t enough, Prima added, she also assisted in planning the successful Dine with Geosteady event.

Despite all her efforts for Geosteady to reclaim his musical position, Prima noted that Goesteady paid her insults in return, before vowing never to participate in any of the singer’s musical endeavours, and she is confident that he will need her at a crucial juncture.

Geosteady was quick to take to Twitter after learning about Prima’s revelation and voiced his regret for the day he fell in love with her.

Okukwagala kwali kwettaaa mukazi gwe tokyaswaza weswazza buswaza

It should be recalled that Geosteady recently stated that he would never use the media to discuss his issues with Prima once more. The way things are going, though, this can wait.