Uganda’s famous traditional healer Sophia Namutebi aka Maama Fiina has expressed her desire for pastors, Wilson Bugembe and Aloysius Bugingo to lead prayers at her funeral upon her passing.

“I urge Pastor Bugingo and Pastor Bugembe to lead prayers for me when I pass away,” she states.

During her speech on the burial ceremony of the late Kato Lubwama, she expressed her dissatisfaction of the catholic church that refused to pray for the body of the deceased.

According to Maama Fiina people should stop pretending to be children of God during the day and at night they become traditionists.

“We should stop thinking that traditional beliefs should be done at night and during the day we pretend to hold the Bible for the fear that our religious friends will refuse to pray for us,” said Maama Fiina.

She went on and criticized the Catholic Church’s refusal to hold a requiem mass for the late Kato Lubwama at St. Matia Mulumba Catholic Church, Maama Fiina shares her perspective that everyone, as children of God, deserves to be prayed for.

“Our friends who refused to pray for the Late Kato Lubwama, I think wherever you are. You are shameful,” said Maama Fiina.

Maama Fiina, who converted to Islam in 2015 while continuing her responsibilities as a traditional healer and leader of their association, emphasizes that despite her prominent role in African Traditional Religion, she maintains her belief in God.

Maama Fiina asserts that active involvement in African traditional religion does not equate to being evil.

“I am a traditional healer and will never deny my beliefs who has contributed to the construction of over 100 churches. Therefore, my profession should not be a justification to deny me prayers when I pass away,” says Maama Fiina.