The Territorial Police in Kampala Metropolitan North and Wakiso district have in custody, 4 suspects on the allegations of murdering their brother over failure to perform traditional rituals to appease the dark spirits in Nansana.

The four siblings killed their brother identified as Namwanja Aloysius also known as Kawunyemu aged 27 with accusation him for failing to appease their family dark spirits (juju).

According to the police spokesperson SCP Enanga Fred, this incident occurred at Lulagala cell, Kavule ward in Nansana Municipality.

The facts gathered indicate that the victim, was accused by these four suspects identified as Kawuki Isaac, Namubiru Margret, Bisaso Tonny aged 16 and Tamale Fred, aged 17, for refusal to appease the family dark and evil spirits that were haunting them, as a family and also affecting their fortunes.

“These four assaulted him using sticks, killing him instantly and thereafter, set his body on fire,” said Enanga.

He added on and said that so far 4 suspects are in custody and efforts are in place to trace and arrest Kawuki Isaac, who is on the run. The 4 siblings are charged with murder and conspiracy.

“We continue to remind the public to avoid such acts of brutality and instead urged to always engage the LCs, police and respected elders within the community, to address their differences,” said Enanga.