Masaka Kids Africana are now the most followed Ugandans on the YouTube Video sharing platform after clocking 3Million subscribers, something many other celebrities are yet to achieve.

Through their music and dance music videos, Masaka Kids Africana grabbed the attention of the world, showing their unique creativity that captured the world.

Over the past years, their videos have been shared widely, dancing to different songs from musicians from all over the world which have taken them a notch higher.

The group has shown its star power when it comes to having the most number of subscribers on YouTube.

Taking to their social media accounts, they thanked their followers for showing them love and subscribing to their channel.

“Thank You For Helping Us Reach 3 Million Subscribers on YouTube! Thank you all our fans.”– they shared.

On Instagram, Masaka Kids have 4.4Million followers, over 1 Million on TikTok, and 4.4 Million followers on Facebook. Truly incredible.