Jessca Ababiku, the women member of parliament for Adjumani district and head of the Public Accounts Committee on Presidential Affairs which is the committee investigating and gathering more information on minister involved in the iron sheet scandle.

Ababiku and her committee have ordered Minister Mary Gorreti Kitutu the Minister of Karamoja to appear to the committee before Tuesday next week.

“We gave her two invites but she didn’t turn up and yet it was based on her request and she gave an excuse that she was appearing before the Criminal Investigative Department (CID) and as human beings we no what is happening around as there are other investigations happening” Ababiku said

However she added that if Hon. Kitutu fails to appear before the committee by Tuesday next week then they will be pushed to force her appear before the committee.

“We have been giving her opportunities based on her requests and we strongly believe that she will appear latest Tuesday, if she fails we shall involve rules because she is a primary witness and minister in charge of Karamoja Sub-region and we expect a lot of cooperation from her,” Abakiku added

Article 90 in the Uganda constitution give parliamentary committees power to exercise of their functions under which they may call any Minister or any person holding public office and private individuals to submit memoranda or appear before them to give evidence.
Uganda 1995 (rev. 2017) Page 36

  1. b. may co-opt any member of Parliament or employ qualified persons to
    assist them in the discharge of their functions;
    c. shall have the powers of the High Court fori. enforcing the attendance of witnesses and examining them on
    oath, affirmation or otherwise;
    ii. compelling the production of documents; and
    iii. issuing a commission or request to examine witnesses abroad.

The committee is there after expected to be prepared just after the hearing and to take two weeks.The pending ministers are eight and among those is Hon. Kitutu. The other issues that the covered by the committee is the one for maize and for goats which were also relief items to Karamoja region. The hearing is expected to end on Tuesday.

Hon. Jessca Ababiku there for requested the public to be patient with them as they process a comprehensive reports with all issues not only about the iron sheets but also about the maize and goods and issues incinerated to the petition.

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