Job Title:   Monitoring and Evaluation Manager   

Organisation: Geneva Global

Duty Station:  Gulu, Uganda

About Geneva Global:

Geneva Global is an international philanthropy advising company that provides strategic advice, independent research, active program and grant management, as well as impact measurement to individuals, foundations, companies, and other organizations.  The company is a subsidiary of Global Impact, a trusted advisor, intermediary, and implementing partner in the international development sphere supporting organizations across the private, non-profit and public sectors.

Geneva Global has operated in Uganda since 2015. We are now officially registered there and operate as Geneva Global Uganda.  Since 2016, Geneva Global Uganda has implemented the Speed School program. This is an accelerated education initiative that has brought over 150,000 formerly out-of-school children aged 9 to 14 back into the government school system, where they routinely succeed.  The program allows the students to cover the first three years of primary education in one year, using highly effective instructional methods. These combine with support to the students’ mothers to enable them to support their children’s continued schooling both economically and with social and household interventions.  To date, the program has operated in close partnership with the Ministry of Education and the District Education Offices  of Agago, Alebtong, Amuru, Gulu Kitgum, Nwoya, Omoro, and Otuke, Pader, and Kampala.

Job Summary: The Monitoring and Evaluation Manager will join Geneva Global Uganda as a member of a highly talented and motivated multidisciplinary team based in Gulu.  The Monitoring, Evaluation, Research, and Learning (MERL) Manager will be responsible for guiding all aspects related to measuring, analysing, and reporting the operation and impacts of the Speed School program and Geneva Global’s other initiatives in Uganda. S/he will report programmatically to the Uganda Program Director while coordinating and collaborating with other members of GG-Ug’s technical team, both government and grantee collaborating partners, and Geneva Global Ethiopia’s Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist, as well as Geneva Global Headquarters (GGI) in the US.

Key Responsibilities:  The Monitoring and Evaluation Manager will be responsible for leading and supporting GG-Ug’s efforts, team, and partners on the following:

  1. The formulation of GG-Ug’s overall monitoring, evaluation, research, and learning (MERL) strategy, including the elaboration of the following:
    • Program-related theories of change;
    • Results frameworks and log frames;
    • A comprehensive set of MERL objectives, indicators, tools, and strategies to meet these objectives;
    • Strategies for ensuring the meaningful analysis and communication of MERL findings to inform the improvement of GG-Ug’s core education model and methods, its dissemination of these for effective use and ultimate adoption, and the results achieved through implementation and dissemination.
  2. The design and planning of GG-Ug’s overall monitoring and evaluation strategy, including the following elements:
    • Monitoring and evaluation tools and strategies for the routine collection of SMART indicators;
    • Tools and strategies for the collection of exceptional monitoring and evaluation purposes;
    • Broader research strategies and terms of reference for specific research initiatives; and
    • Other instruments, strategies, and products to generate information related to GG-Ug’s education programs, implementation, and impacts in Uganda.
  3. Supervision, guidance, and facilitation of the implementation of monitoring and evaluation activities by GG-Ug staff and grantee and government collaborating partners, including steps to:
    • Design training on monitoring and evaluation tools, strategy, and steps to deliver to GG-Ug’s partners or directly train data collectors, as necessary;
    • Monitor and support data collection activities directly, ensuring the strict use of the tools and adherence to the strategy to generate consistently viable and reliable information;
    • Monitor, manage, and support the receipt of data from the many data collectors, ensuring their adherence to timetables and data quality standards;
    • Refine, manage, and use data platforms to manage the program databases for the efficient and effective capture, organization, analysis, and reporting of data;
    • Conduct data quality assessments and take follow-on steps, as appropriate; and
    • Provide technical assistance to government partners in their adoption of Speed School MERL tools and strategies.
  1. The organization, analysis, and reporting of data to inform the various program stakeholders and to guide decisions about the program’s expansion, quality improvement, and government adoption, including steps and products to:
    • Determine and set up data analysis procedures for both quantitative and qualitative data;
    • Clean, sort, categorize, and organize data to create a coherent and accurate database for each MERL cycle or activity;
    • Analyze quantitative and qualitative data and share with relevant stakeholders;
    • Summarize findings for each cycle and activity and share in a timely manner with GG-HQ as well as with grantee and government partners, as appropriate;
    • Establish and maintain a longitudinal database of key education output and outcome measures;
    • Prepare a dedicated summary analytic report for each individual grantee partner and by district, then share and review the data and conclusions with the relevant GG-Ug and GG-HQ agents so that they can follow up internally and with partners concerning any decisions or actions inspired by the findings; and
    • Participate in developing monthly, quarterly, and annual reports of GG-Ug’s education programming, as guided by the respective project requirements.
  1. The design, organization and conduct of targeted evaluations and special studies, including efforts to:
    • Guide and accompany colleagues and partners in identifying aspects of GG-Ug’s programming that warrant more intensive (and/or extensive) study;
    • Lead and/or support the design of new evaluation or research activities;
    • Lead and/or support the preparation of terms of reference for the conduct of the study when GG-Ug assigns the task to an outside consultant; participate in the recruitment, orientation, management, and technical oversight of any MER consultants; and
    • Participate in the conduct of special studies or research and the preparation of related reports, coordinating and collaborating with GG-Ug.


  • Education: Bachelor’s degree or higher in Educational Research and Administration, Measurement & Evaluation, or a related field.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills in English.
  • A minimum of five years of progressively responsible operational and managerial experience in monitoring and evaluation and the overall delivery of education programs, with considerable experience working in the INGO or international development sector.
  • Proven track record in developing viable M&E approaches and methodologies and demonstrable knowledge of major M&E conceptual frameworks in this field (e.g., Theory of Change approach, logic framework, input/output/outcome mapping, performance and organizational audit, self-evaluations, etc.)
  • Experience with primary data collection in developing, fragile, and/or conflict-affected contexts.
  • Hands-on experience with quantitative and qualitative data collection, data management, analysis and reporting methods including questionnaires/surveys, structured/semi-structured and unstructured interviews, structured desk review and mapping, on-site observations, focus group discussions, etc
  • Experience and knowledge in statistical packages like, Excel, SPSS, STATA, digital skills, in organizing data.
  • Experience or interest in using and developing new resources for communications and data visualization efforts.
  • Proven ability to think and act strategically and collaboratively and approach projects from an organizational perspective while demonstrating interpersonal skills and ability to interact at all levels including senior leadership.
  • Experience working closely with a culturally and globally diverse team, building and maintaining relationships both in the office and digitally.


The Monitoring and Evaluation Manager will:

  • Comport himself consistently with dignity, professionalism, and respect for all individuals associated with Speed School, from funders and top-level authorities to teachers, parents, and students, promoting equality and equity for all and enforcing the same behaviours and attitudes among the Geneva Global Uganda team and all partners who work on and support the Speed School Program.
  • Adhere fully to Geneva Global Uganda’s Personnel Manual and the organization’s overall standard operating procedures and ensure the same of the rest of the MYRP team.
  • Sign and adhere fully to Geneva Global’s Child Protection Policy and monitor and actively enforce the same adherence by the Geneva Global staff, partners, and all other actors working directly on Speed School (including teachers).
  • Reside in Gulu and visit program sites (within a day’s drive) up to 50% percent of the time.

How to Apply:

All candidates should follow the link below to apply.

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Deadline: 29th July 2022.

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