The Territorial Police in Amuru, have in custody, a mother and daughter for the alleged murder of her husband and father respectively, on 24.02.2023 around 8 pm at Labongo village, Pagak Parish, Amuru district.

According to police, the victim had advised her daughter, who had a conflict with her husband and returned home, against entering a new relationship with another man. This angered her daughter, who attacked and assaulted hir.

“She was joined by her mother, Laduu Santa, a 50-year-old, housewife and they pushed the victim, Nyeko Augustine aged 66, to the ground, where he fell and hit his head on the ground,” said the police spokesperson Fred Enanga.

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He added that the victim died, and they locked his body in the house, which was recovered the following day 25.02.2023 at around midday by Wokolanya Patrick, and a report was made to the police.

“We have arrested both Amony Concy, aged 28, and her mother Laduu Santa, aged 50, and charged with murder,” said Enanga.

He went ahead and condemned the acts of inter-familiar violence and urged families to always engage the LCs, police, and respected members of the community, to address their differences.

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