The President of Uganda Yoweri Kaguta Museveni on Thursday 23rd February declined to sign an endorsement for his 2026 candidature.

He said that there is time for everything, noting that Ugandans should focus on wealth creation through calculative agriculture.

Museveni had been requested by the leaders and a section of the voters in Omoro District to sign committing himself to contest in the 2026 presidential elections as the National Resistance Movement flag bearer.

He was in Keto Village, Lakwana Sub County in Omoro district touring the MK Modern Organic and Natural Products Farm and factory owned by Dr. Pascal Osiri.

The LCV Chairperson Omoro, Douglas Peter Okello had in his speech noted that he is representing voters in Omoro district who had from their wisdom taken a decision and endorsed President Museveni as the sole candidate for the 2026 general elections.   Okello who was smartly dressed in a yellow T-shirt said that the decision was reached by voters in the eighteen administrative units in the district.

His motion was supported by the Omoro district Woman Member of Parliament Catherine Lamwaka and MK Modern Organics and Natural Products director Pascal Osiri.

However, in his response, the President declined to sign saying that he does not want to be diverted and then he went on encouraging the electorates and leaders to concentrate on wealth creation and chasing poverty.

The President addressed  the voters on commercial farming on the four-acre model which includes planting an acre of coffee, an acre of fruits, an acre of pasture, and food, commercial agriculture, and irrigation practices in the arid conditions.

He then continued with poultry farming in the backyard for eggs, piggery, dairy farming and fish farming for those near wetlands.

The President later on visited another farm in Paicho Sub County, Gulu district, and Oding Youth Skilling Hub in Unyama Sub County, Gulu district.