Frank Kabuye one of the youngest Members of Parliament in the 11th Parliament and representing the people of Kassanda South, Kassanda district.

Kabuye beat former Kampala Metropolitan Area Police spokesperson Semeo Nsubuga to become the MP for Kassanda South in Kassanda district.

Kabuye account left twitter in shock and Ugandans at large after a post that appeared showing his support for LGBTQ.

“Homosexuality is not a crime. Homosexuals are human beings like us and believe their rights also matter so let’s learn to accommodate them in our societies and treat them with respect. the post read.

And every viewer who was commenting negatively to this post was replied too.

One of the viewers Shadawi Musa said,”If one day they do it to one of your relatives it’s you will come to your senses that it’s even a capital offence, you will spend all the money you have in hospital.”

” If its a relative that means he or she consented to it. As long as its not defilement or rape the rest is okay. Those are two adults,” replied the user of Hon Kabuye’s twitter account

He continue to assure people that he is doing his best to get to the bottom of the hacking problem.

However, After hours honourable Kabuye came out and cleared the air that his account was hacked by someone who is trying to tarnish his name.He added,”this act is forbidden by my religion, culture and Uganda at large there for as a leader i cannot support it.”

This has come in time just when all Member’s of Parliament are expected to debate on the Anti-homosexual Bill which is expected to be done by show of hands for easy exposure of ones view according to Speaker Anita Among

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