Peter Karugaba, a resident of Kinombe in Rukungiri district has run to the district’s Resident District Commissioner (RDC) seeking help over his wife he says has been battering him.

In a story that ran on Bukedde TV, Karugaba says he has endured abuse on multiple occasions at the hands of his wife, Constence Mbabazi. He says, this forced him to seek help from authorities.

After receiving Karugaba’s complaint, Rukungiri’s deputy RDC, Wilberforce Ongom, on the weekend, conveyed a meeting with Kinobe residents to find a lasting solution. In the meeting, Karugaba narrated his ordeal.

“Whenever she returns home at 4pm, she just breaks the door without even knocking. Before I even utter a word, she grabs me by neck and starts choking me mercilessly on my bed. She has caned me countless times,” Karugaba narrated.

Karugaba told residents that he has been suffering silently at the hands of his wife and that he decided to report her to the RDC so he could save his life.

“My life is in danger. I’m worried I might die anytime soon. What annoys me most is that she denies me sex!” he said.

The Chairperson for Kinombe, Godson Byaruhanga and the residents said they have on several occasions tried to settle differences between the couple but all in vain.

They blame this on Mbabazi who they accuse of a bad attitude and giving a deaf ear to their advice.

“Every time I pass by Karugaba’s home, he cries to me complaining about endless mistreatment by his wife. Its my responsibility to make sure we solve this. Let’s work together to solve this matter.” Byaruhanga urged the residents.

In her defense, Mbabazi admitted beating Karugaba but said she does it out of anger towards her husband she accused of failure to perform his parental duties.

“He doesn’t take care of the family. The children have failed to go to school yet their father is alive. He has failed to pay school fees. All our children have not completed primary seven with exception of one whom I paid for until she completed senior four, after taking loans. My fellow people, it’s hard to work as a farmhand, provide for family and still be in harmony with your husband at home. How can you get the guts to love your husband?!” Mbabazi asked.

The deputy RDC advised all men that may be falling through the cracks not to keep silent but talk to authorities.

“The wife has not denied the accusations. The man has also explained his ordeal. But the wife has asked for forgiveness. Therefore, I call upon all men out there who are being abused domestically by their wives to not die in silence. Don’t wait to die!” Ongom said.

Ongom, however, appealed to men to perfom their parental duties by taking care of their families to avoid such incidents.

“Whatever small money you get, buy soap, buy salt and posho. When you’re unable to do so, ask for help from your friends. The wife said she cannot have love when she spends all day hustling to provide for the family. She also has a point,” he said.

The deputy RDC noted that domestic abuse cases by women against men continue to increase but promised they will fight it.

The meeting ended with Mbabazi asking her husband and residents for forgiveness for her actions.

“I’m asking my fellow residents for forgiveness,” she said.

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