The Queen herself, Sheebah Karungi also known as Swagg maama has revealed that she cannot forgive faded television gossiper, Mary Luswata.

During her gossip segments back in the day with Urban TV, Luswata stepped on a number of celebrities, including Sheebah. However, some of these celebrities claim that whatever she said about them were not true.

As stated by Sheebah, Luswata claimed that she hopped from one boda boda to another, and that she fell off these motor bikes in the dead of the night after a drinking spree, which is all not true according to Sheebah.

Mary luswata

During her interview with YouTuber, Kasuku, on Women’s Day, Sheebah said one would rather say the truth and not lie about her.

“I can’t forgive Mary Luswata. She talked about me, Fille and Juliana. Like she knew me. The person you are talking about has children, brother, sisters, mother, etc. We are human. If you are talking about something, say the truth, not like you know me. So, my job, you have to be able to swallow but also be able to balance. I require the same respect that you require,” Sheebah said.