The Minister of Education Nigeria Adamu Adamu ordered the reopening of all schools in the country.

Adamu Adamu revealed the reopening of schools during a press briefing in Abuja.

Schools in Nigeria have been under shut down for six months due to the COVID19 pandemic

The minister further advised all schools to adhere to the guidelines for the reopening of schools.

The minister said all unity schools should open by October 12, “while states and private schools will determine their own modalities of reopening.

“We have consulted widely with all stakeholders in the education sector. Our eyes and ears are opened to the international media. I’m glad to report that there has not been any single case of COVID-19 in all Unity Schools. No single fatality among the students,” he said.

Nigeria has registered 59001 COVID 19Cases, 50452 recoveries and 1112 death


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