NTV presenter Etania Mutoni is celebrating her 23rd birthday today and unlike other female celebrities who use social media to post ordinary photos of themselves dressed in day-to-day clothes, the beautiful dance party co-host has given fans something to gaze their eyes on the entire week after sharing a set of semi-n#de pictures on her official Instagram account.

In the pictures circulating on social media, Etania, who appears to be completely naked can be seen holding out a newspaper to cover up her ‘sumbie’ and boobs while leaving the rest of her body out for all to see. She stands with her legs apart, her upper body bent to the side while holding out a newsprint placard at the front.

The girlie socialite oozes sexiness as her black high-heeled shoes perfectly match the long Rapunzel-style braided rope on her head that drops to the ground.

On posting the succulent pictures on her socials, a number of celebrities took to the comments sections and wished her a lovely birthday.

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