A nurse  in Bulambuli district, Mrs Agnes Nambozo who works at Buluganya Health Center III is a passionate nurse who  uses a ladder to reach her patients and by the time she was caught on a video, she was  heading to the villages of Bulegeni Sub-county to vaccinate children.

Dressed in her pink nursing uniform, she braves a risky wooden ladder climb of 300 meters to attend to patients in the villages that sit on the ridge of Mt Elgon and she does this on a a daily basis.

All it takes for one to fall and possibly die is one misstep. But Ms Nambozo, 35, says the passion to serve the isolated community drives her on.
“I use the ladder because there is no other way I can reach there. At times I feel terrified,” she says with a beaming smile.

watch the video below

Her bravery has since earned her appreciation from across the country, with some proposing that she takes the nurse of the year award just like the nurse in Arua who wheeled a patient for about three to five kilometers after failure to get an ambulance, about two years ago.

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DR. Ruth Aceng was so amazed that she came out and appreciated this nurse. ”Absolutely speechless and touched to see this dedicated and committed enrolled nurse, Ms Agnes Nambozo from Buluganya Health Center III. She is on her way to Masheluse Village in Nataba Parish, Young Child Clinic outreach to vaccinate children. Nurse of the year,” Health minister Dr Jane Ruth Aceng tweeted.