Italy and Juventus center-back has signed a two-year contract extension with the Bianconeri until 2023.

This was announced by the club via its website

“Giorgio Chiellini embodies everything that Juventus stands for, and it is through his commitment and excellent displays over the course of last 16 years that has earned him a contract renewal.

There is an overlap in Giorgio’s DNA and that of Juve’s. He forms a big part of Juve’s history, yet also the present and the future. He is grit and passion; he is heart and focus. Giorgio is a thousand figures, a thousand numbers, many records and trophies, but he’s also made up of 11 elements:

C for CAPTAIN – Because Chiellini is everything a Juve captain is meant to be: he is a fundamental presence in defence, in the locker room, and on the training ground.

H for HERO – Raise your hand if you don’t remember the photos of him on the pitch with is head bandaged and still fighting. Giorgio never gives up, not even for one second.

I for INFINITE – 2005-2022. These two dates are enough to give the dimension of a fantastic story that seems infinite. 

E for EXAMPLE – Because those who carry on their shoulders, for so many years, the club’s defence, must be first of all this: an example to follow.

L for LEADER – This too is a term that, combined with Giorgio, simply has no need for explanation.

L for LETHAL – Tough in battles, courageous in making timely interventions, but always an example of how to behave, on and off the pitch. Chiellini is lethal when it comes to taking on the opposition’s attack.

I for INTELLECT – He’s not just grit and passion, Chiellini uses tactical and technical intellect every time he goes onto the field.

N for NINE – The nine consecutive Scudetti won by Chiello, and he’s the only one to have done so. His trophy cabinet at Juventus says he has won ten Scudetti, five Italian Cups, five Italian Super Cups, and a Serie B title.

I for IMPACTFUL – Be it on the field or in the changing room, everything Chiellini says and does is impactful for his teammates and the club. 


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