A 27-year-old singer Alien Skin also known as Mulwana Patrick sets new history as he becomes the first artist to overwhelm Freedom city single handedly having fans bounced because of the large numbers.

Upcoming and self-made star Alien Skin who is commonly trending on Tik Tok set a new record on Friday as he registered a sold-out ‘Sitya Danger’ concert at Freedom City, Namasuba.

This comes immediately after a trending video on social media where Pius Mayanja aka Pallaso was seen seriously beating the sitya danger singer.

pallaso beating alien skin

Two artists both had their concerts on the same day of 9th June 2023 which left many questions in their fans’ minds whether they were doing a stunt to gain sympathy for their coming concerts or they were really fighting.

Representing the Ghetto and the common Ugandans, the self-styled singer broke the record of being the first Ugandan musician to pack the Namasuba-based Freedom City and leave a balance of tens of thousands who resorted to watching his stage performance on large LED TV screens.

The turnout for Alien Skin’s concert surpassed all expectations given the unwavering loyalty that was shown to the ‘Nkwacho’ CEO thereby flooding Freedom City in huge numbers.

When the auditorium got filled up with something like 25,000 people, other tens of thousands who were paying were directed to the upper parking open space of Freedom City where LED Screens and sound were put in place for them to enjoy the show.