National Unity Platform (NUP) LC flag bearers for Kawempe North denounce Mohammad Ssegirinya as MP flag bearer.

Charles Sserubiri, the NUP coordinator for Kawempe North and Councilor Eng. Katumba Panadol say 40 out of the 47 councilors have signed the petition protesting the party’s decision.

In denouncing Mohammed Ssegirinya as the Kawempe North MP flag bearer, the councilors say he is ”extremely unpopular” rendering him incapable. They want the National Unity Platform (NUP) party to overturn its decision.

“We would rather rally behind Sulaiman Kidandala who is an independent candidate because he has a good understanding and will therefore represent us well.”

This has all been said during a press conference held today, they said “that its an embarrassment to NUP to award the party ticket to comedic and less popular members like Ssegirinya whom according to them is only fit to be a Councilor but not going to parliament”.

Some have also added that Ssegirinya has shaky academic papers and may even be pulled out of parliament any time.