Singer Buchaman (Mark Bugembe) has Tuesday surrendered to the Police clothes akin to those of the Police and the army which have been in the possession of ghetto dwellers.

“I support the decision by security agencies to surrender all the clothing’s that are similar to uniforms of the armed forces. I have mobilized all these clothing’s from the ghetto,” Buchaman said.
“I appeal to ghetto youths to surrender such attire to the Police station near you. You have 14 days to do this. All those that claim to be Ghetto Presidents must also adhere to this order. You will be arrested should you disobey the directives by government,” he added.
He said the uniforms should return to those in authority.
The self proclaimed Ghetto President further said that during the elections, ghettos will be secured against those that intend to protest, break into shops and loot property in the guise of ghetto youths.
James Ruhweza, RPC for Kampala South thanked Buchaman for the gesture in handing over the uniforms.
“We appeal to those that still possess these uniforms. Please hand them over in peace because failure to do so, we shall confiscate them,” Ruhweza said