Harris International has gifted Uganda’s kickboxer Golola Moses l a brand new fully furnished house.

Harris International are the makers of Rock Boom energry drink.

Golola gave journalists an inside tour of this beautiful house after Golola receiving its key and land titles.

Golola new house
Harris International (RIHAM) gifts Golola Moses Posh House

Golola, the face of Uganda’s kick boxing, is also the face of Harris international in terms of marketing and branding.
He has been sponsored by the company due to his heroics in the sport that has seen him conquer the likes of Umar Ssemata and Kizito “Kasumaali” Ongom.


“I have got a place where I will be hosting my friends from. When Arnold Schwarzenegger comes, he knows where to sleep,” Golola told Spark TV.

He added: “When Mayweather comes to Uganda, he will sleep in my house because it is too big.”
Golola unveiled the self-contained two-bedroomed-house, which has a huge kitchen.

Golola Moses-new house
He then said he wanted specifically a huge kitchen so he can get a wife to cook the best porridge.

“With this huge beautiful kitchen, I now need a wife who I will teach how to cook very good porridge, I don’t know who that woman will be. Also, I will use this kitchen to teach people all over the world on how they can cook the best porridge,” said the ‘Hot Temper’ when he first received the house in February 2020.