Police in Lubowa have today 13/7/2021 arrested two suspects who have been stealing vehicle number plates after complaints from the affected communities.

The suspects are identified as Natamba Brian and Katushabe Saul have been stealing plates in areas of Lubowa, Zzana, Bunamwaya, Katale, Bukwenda, Seguku, and Nalumunye.

They pluck off car licence plates, leave their mobile phone contacts on the vandalized car, which the victims were expected to call for details about the whereabouts of their motor vehicle plates.

Police say they used the new technology acquired to fight crime to track them and later led them to where they hid the licence plates.

At least 46 different number plates were recovered.

“We would like to urge the general public, especially those who lost their licence plates to visit our police station to identify their licence plates.” Deputy PRO KMP Asp Luke Owoyesigyire said

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