The Directorate of Crime Intelligence together with Police in Kiboga and Old Kampala carried out a coordinated raid on business dealing in mental works located in Kayiwa Zone.

These business were dealing in suspected stolen electric gadgets and transmission wires from electric utilities and poles.

The raid followed complaints of vandalism and sabotage on the transmission lines of electricity in Kiboga District where they used to climb and cut the transmission lines, steal surge arrests, polymeric insulators, reel insulators, and other electric gadgets, thus disrupting the supply of electricity.

Police in Kiboga raid stores dealing in suspected stolen Electric items belonging to UMEME

7 suspects were arrested; Semaganda Ronald, Matovu Abdul, Musoke Lawrence, Obadiah Matovu, Turyatemba Ashraf, Niwamanya Michael, and MuJiri Martin.

Police managed to recover vandalized electric metals and cable wires from 10 stores.

“We would like to encourage all businesses that are dealing in scrap metal, to streamline their work methods and deal in genuine transactions.” – CP Fred Enanga (Police Spokesperson) said

The suspects are to be charged with possession of suspected stolen items, malicious damage, theft and related conspiracies. 

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