Police have vowed to name and shame traffic offenders every week, a plan a lawyer says is illegal.

Ms Faridah Nampiima, the traffic police spokesperson, said lists of traffic offenders will include the number plate, where one committed the traffic offence from, and the time one committed this offence.

Police say 146 cars were captured on camera between August 1 to 6, violating traffic rules.

Ms Nampiima said police will capture information using their speed gun digital system, which monitors speed and offences committed on all buildup, paved and gravel roads in Uganda.

She said: “They cover videos like your cameras, we shall play the video for you at what speed you are moving on the road and get a ticket of  Shs200,000, speed fines are instant payments, we shall not give you a ticket, you first pay before you proceed.” However, Mr Eron Kiiza, a lawyer, told Daily Monitor yesterday that traffic police shaming traffic offenders is unnecessary.

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