Police on 14th October 2020 confirmed the death of their police officer who appeared in a video that went viral on social media in which a man wearing a police uniform was seen caning an old woman who was easing herself by the roadside.

Police say this happened last month in Mbale during an operation and the officer involded identified as AIGP Samuel Okirol unfortunately died of natural causes two weeks before the video was circulated.

Video: Police Officer caning an old woman  

Elgon region police spokesperson Rogers Taitika however says the force regrets the incident and urges officers to exhibit the highest level of professionalism while on duty.

He said that police in Mbale have also delivered Shs 500,000/- and food items worth 300,000/- to the victim, a one Grace Asio aged 75 years in Dokolo Cell in Mbale from the Inspector General of Police.