Police is hunting for Anita Kays said to be an organizer of a s3x party at Towers Bar and Lodge in Kireka (Kampala) where 21 people were arrested. Anita has been recruiting under-aged girls into prostitution and child pornography which according to Police is criminal.

Police says she has been organizing these weekly s3x parties and orgies in Kireka, Mukono, and other suburbs of Kampala.

Among those arrested at the Kireka party was a 16-year-old who has so far slept with 4 men. She told Police that her younger sister, aged 14, is also active in the same sexual acts.

Their elder sister who is said to have recruited the two juveniles into the s3xual acts has already been arrested.

“She has been bringing her own sisters from the village and grooming them into these acts. We are going to charge her with aggravated trafficking in persons.”

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“Efforts are ongoing to track down Anita Kays of Kireka together with another woman called Panadol from Kawaala,” Police spokesperson, CP Fred Enanga said.

“This case shows how girls are still vulnerable even when we hand them to relatives”.

“We are investigating the suspects on human trafficking of children, promotion of child pornography”.

Enanga said such activities are dangerous and spreaders of HIV and Covid-19 since participants are in close physical contact.

Police will also question the owners of the said lodge for operating a brothel and violating the health safety guidelines against Covid-19.