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President Museveni has been duly nominated to participate in coming 2021 general elections.

He thanked those who nominated him, in his words he said;

“I have been duly nominated by the Electoral Commission as a candidate for the 2021 presidential election. I thank my nominators, the two young people, Nassur Gaddafi and Hellen Seku. ”

“I also thank the rest of my entourage led by the NRM vice-chairperson Al-Hajj Moses Kigongo and the Secretary General, Justine Lumumba. Special gratitude to our supporters in the districts who signed my endorsement forms. ”

“At this nomination, I would want to emphasise two points; measures against the Covid-19 pandemic and security.”

President Museveni
President Museveni on Nomination day

“Covid-19 is deadly and is killing our people. In recent days, among others, we lost an environment expert, Paul Mafabi, and my good friend, Francis Xavier Kitaka, the veterinary expert and entrepreneur.”

“Do not take this disease lightly. The talk that the villages are insulated from Covid-19 is false. Please follow all guidelines of health experts. Sanitize, wear masks and observe social distancing.”

President Museveni
President Museveni on Nomination day

“Secondly, I encourage everybody to maintain peace. I hear talk that some people want to cause chaos. Those plans will not succeed. Anyone planning mischief will fail. No one should threaten Ugandans with chaos.”

“I thank you and I will delve into details of our manifesto at the launch later today.”