The Alliance for National Transformation (ANT) party presidential candidate Gregory Mugisha Muntu survived a freaky road accident in Lamwo district on Friday evening.

Gregory Mugisha Muntu
Gregory Mugisha Muntu

The accident occurred at Madi Kiloc village, Padibe West sub-county in Lamwo district when the front tyre of the presidential candidate’s vehicle, registration number, UBF 612B fell off.

It is reported that the accident occurred due to the bad road that became impassable, prompting the entourage to use an alternative route while traveling from Palabek Gem to Padibe town council.

Muntu and other occupants of the vehicle that included his driver, his personal assistant, and another passenger all survived the accident without any major injuries.

They later abandoned the vehicle and opted to foot before another car belonging to ANT Lamwo Woman MP candidate Jennifer Jones Nyeko.

The incident affected Muntu’s planned campaign schedules that was slated for Lokung and Ogili sub-counties in Lamwo district.