Tooro Kingdom Princess, Ruth Komuntale and her husband, Phil Farquharson have welcomed a bouncing baby boy.

The good news was announced by her brother, King Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru Rukidi IV in a tweet. According to Oyo, the baby has been named Prince Jamari Mathew Farquharson.

 “I congratulate Her Royal Highness Princess Ruth Komuntale Akiiki and Phil Farquharson upon the birth of baby Prince Jamari Mathew Farquharson Adyeeri. I welcome my first handsome nephew to the Royal Family. May God bless both parents and the baby,” Oyo’s tweet reads.

Several celebrities in Uganda have taken to their respective social media platforms to congratulate the princess. KFM’s Lynda Ddane penned a heartfelt congratulatory tweet to Komuntale and Tooro Kingdom at large.

“CONGRATULATIONS, Her Royal Highness  Princess Nsemere Komuntale Akiiki, Batebe of Tooro and Philip Farquason Amooti. Massive Congratulations to the Kingdom of Tooro,” Ddane tweeted.

“Glory be to God for the gift of a first grandchild, baby Jamari Mathew Farquharson Adyeeri, born to HRH Princess Nsemere Komuntale Akiiki, Batebe of Tooro and Philip Farquason Amooti,” a tweet from the princess’mother, Queen Best Olimi Kemigisa reads.

The Minister for East African Community Affairs, Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga has also congratulated the couple in a tweet.

“Congratulations to HRH Princess Komuntale and her Spouse, His Majecty the Omukama of Tooro , Queen Best and the Royal Family of Tooro on the birth of baby,” Kadaga tweeted.

Phil and Komuntale got married in May 2021. This year, the princess announced her pregnancy on the couple’s first anniversary which they spent in her husband’s birth country, Jamaica.