Rwot David Onen Acana II, the Paramount Chief of Acholi Cultural Institution, called on the government to provide relief items to people in Agago district. The cultural leader visited families who have been orphaned and widowed as a result of the atrocities committed by suspected Karamojong cattle raiders in Agago district.

His visit followed several reports of animal raids and attacks on livestock owners, which left many dead and others with injuries. After his three-day visit to Agago, Rwot Acana stated that it is reasonable for the government to support the suffering people because the raids have forced them to live like refugees in their own homes.

The locals are now afraid to carry out activities such as farming for their livelihood because the Karamojong now raid animals throughout the year, said Acana. He added that the raids now have more impact, because the warriors have new guns, wear army uniforms, and are transported in vehicles to the raiding points, unlike before when they could only come genuinely looking for pasture.

Santina Akidi, a resident of Atimkica Village in Lapono sub-county, said that the animal raiders have affected their farming for the past two years because locals fear going to the farms in fear of getting injured, killed, or having their oxen raided. The majority of farmers in Agago district travel kilometers to look for fertile land to cultivate, but can no longer do so for fear of being waylaid.

Leonard Ojok, the chairperson of the LCV in Agago district, appealed to the paramount chief to rally all the clan chiefs and hold a meeting before writing to the President to present their case.

Beatrice Akello Akori, the Woman MP for Agago district, said they plan to meet the President of Uganda to ensure that they restate their request to have the affected people supported with relief.

The Karamojong raids have forced hundreds of Agago residents to seek refuge in schools, churches, and administrative units at night, while many have relocated to neighboring districts with their animals.