The retired Archbishop of C.O.U Stanley Ntagali has been suspended from performing his priesthood duties over involvement in extra marital affairs with a married woman.

This has been confirmed by the Archbishop of C.O.U Rev Steven Samuel Kazimba Mugalu in a letter that was dated 30th of January to the Anglican Bishops under the Global Anglican preacher conference GAPCON.

The letter reads “It is with a very heavy heart that he was informing them that his predecessor the retired Archbishop Stanley Ntagali had been involved in an extra affair with a married woman which has been acknowledged by himself.

The adultery is a grievance betrayal of high level it says retired Archbishop Ntagali has betrayed his savior, the Lord Jesus and his wife and his marriage vows as well as faith of many Ugandans and global Christians who have looked up to him”.

Kazimba further notes that Ntagali is not to perform any further functions sacramentary to preach/even represent the C.O.U in any way until further notice.

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