More offers are flowing in from leaked video that circulated on the internet as he is being beaten up and harrassed by Presidential Advisor Mark Bugembe aka Buchaman.

In the video Butchaman and his goons are seen accusing Rocky Giant of calling himself the Ghetto president.

President Museveni appointed Buchaman his special envoy to the ghetto on 28th October 2020.

Fellow singers and other people have stood with him in solidarity and offered him opportunities in order to revive his music carrier.

Some have promised for give him free studio recordings.

Taata Sam (Comedian) promises to write three video scripts and also act as video vixen all free of charge.

Frank Jah of Jahlive films offers three music videos for Rocky Giant.

Producer Diggy Baur free two audio productions.

Some of the tweets raised by other celebrities.

If you missed the video watch it below;