Tiktok and twitter influencer Sammie Manini real name Abaho Samuel who came to fame after a video of him referring to zebras as ”rions”

In a DW Documentary video that has gone viral on social media, it indicates how Sammie Manini confesses that he is gay and how the men always pay to be chewed by his monster cassava, in fact they come asking for massage but end up screaming in pleasure,

The video shows an old documentary interview conducted by a German media company DW in which they were covering a story about Homosexuality in Uganda.

At the beginning of the video, the narrator confirms that most of these clients pay for Massage but instead end up getting chewed by their masseurs, Sammie Manini.

watch the video below

He also goes ahead and confesses how he was arrested for being gay and for doing such a business until he came out to his family who got him out of prison and later disowned him, forcing him to even relocate from the village he used to stay in.

Sammie is seen on phone speaking to a male client whom he was directing and upon his arrival, he gave hima  hug and lead him straight to his home, a dark roomed rental in the Ghetto where he undressed and laid down for the massage.

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