City socialite Charles Olim aka Sipapa is today expected in court over allegations of Shs 1.6 billion robbery from a South Sudanese national Jacob Arok.

For the last seven days, security had been hunting for Sipapa after items stolen from Arok’s home in Kawuku, Bunga, in Makindye Division in Kampala were recovered from his residence at Kityo Close, Buwate village, in Kira Municipality.

Sipapa’s home was located using an iCloud signal from one of the four iPhones that was stolen from Arok’s home alongside two Apple laptops, a Dell laptop, gold jewellery for his wife, and a 65-inch Samsung TV. 

Detectives conducted a search at Sipapa’s home in the presence of his wife Shamira Nakiyimba. Police recovered exhibits including $70,000 cash, 4 iPhones, 3 laptops, gold jewellery, an iPhone charger, and a mac pro charger. Apart from the exhibits that were stolen from Arok’s home, detectives further collected exhibits of motor vehicles; UBG 025B, UBA 023U, 2 amplifiers, 6 tool boxers, 4 sports vims, a rear car seat, 12 headlights, indicators, jeep bumper, and V8 bumper.

The arrest of Sipapa brings the number of suspects arrested over robbery at Arok’s home to five. Police had earlier arrested four including his wife Nakiyimba. At the time of searching his Buwate home, Sipapa was in Nagongera, Soni and Nawire sub-counties in Tororo district splashing money to locals in the presence of his bouncers.