Spark TV Live Wire hosts Immy Candice and Flavia Mawagi have been suspended following their heated argument live on set.

Immy Canice and Flavia Mawagi got into a tense argument on April 26, 2023, midway through their presentation live on set.

Based on the video that has been making rounds on social media, the argument was sparked after Flavia Mawagi interjected Immy Candice, who was telling the introduction story of Hon. Mukasa Mbidde.

Immy Candice revealed that Flavia Mawagi was clueless about the story, and interjecting her was uncalled for.

This sparked controversy, as Flavia Mawagi maintained that she was merely attempting to help Immy by providing more details regarding the story.

The pair’s behaviour was deemed unprofessional, therefore Spark Tv management suspended them as one of its measures to curb misconduct.

As a result of Immy and Mawagi’s suspension, which started on April 27, Spark Updates host Jose Nagi sat in for them.

According to sources, these two presenters Immy Candice and Flavia Mawagi will not appear on TV any time soon until management agrees to bring them back on air.