Following the numerous rumors that have been making round on internet suggesting that the two media personalities are now living under the same roof as husband and wife, on Women’s Day Kats seemingly let the cat out of the bag about their romance.

The celebrated MC and TV Personality MC Kats took to his socials and penned down a note to Carol, describing her as his source of happiness. But according to Spark TV’s Caroline Marcah still has no courage to stamp and seal her love with MC Kats.

During interview with Spark Tv, according to her responses it seems that Caroline Marcah has not yet gathered enough strength to admit that she is in love fellow TV personality or their bonk mates.

But now the woman who apparently cooks for him on a daily perhaps does not have the courage to confirm. Caroline refused to respond on questions related to MC Kats with an attitude which can not only kill a man’s spirit but also melt the snow. Just of recent she bullied and nearly pounced on a journalist who asked her about their bonk plans with city legendary MC.

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