An unidentified man who has heavily invested in a romantic relationship with Winnie Nwagi and he believes Chozen Blood is trying to sabotage the relationship.

Rumours of Blood, real name Patrick Musasizi, and Nwagi being romantically involved started swirling around 2019 when they collaborated on a hit song titled Yitayo Ondabeko.

The song became an instant hit and it’s one of their best songs, including their singles.

A man who chose to remain anonymous called Blood over the phone and told him that he is sabotaging his relationship with Nwagi.

Winnie Nwagi and Chozen Blood

He told Chozen Blood that he has been spending a lot of money on Nwagi, so he is concerned that she is seeing someone else. “Ever since you collaborated on a song together, you’ve been confusing me,” the man told Blood over the phone.

“I have evidence of what I’m talking about and that’s why I called. Winnie is my woman and I love her. I’ve done so many things for her. I’ve hugely invested in her.”

The man told Chozen Blood: “It’s hard to progress in a relationship when the woman you’re involved with is cheating on you.”

When Blood tried to laugh at that statement, he told him: “Don’t laugh, my friend.” He went on: “Both of you are confusing me.”

Blood told the man that he and Nwagi, real name Winnie Nakanwagi, are just friends. The man told Blood that he wants to meet him so they can address the issue.

Both Winnie Nwagi and Chozen Blood have never admitted to being romantically involved.