Luis Suárez, driven by a deep bond with Lionel Messi, is determined to play alongside his friend in the MLS.

However, his current contract with Gremio poses a significant obstacle. Inter Miami has already agreed with Suárez, but negotiating his release from Gremio, demanding a hefty $70 million fee, remains.

Despite this, recent progress has fueled optimism within Suárez’s camp and Inter Miami, believing that the Uruguayan forward will eventually join the team.

As talks continue, the club faces the challenge of balancing their franchise players and finding the right timing for Suárez’s arrival.

The story intertwines with the pursuit of other reinforcements to create a well-rounded team.

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Suárez’s unwavering determination, coupled with the connection between him and Messi, paints a picture of their long-awaited reunion in the MLS.