Former Senior Presidential Press Secretary Joseph Tamale Mirundi live on TV has knelt down and pleaded for People Power supporters to look for the person who beat up his son Tamale Mirundi Junior

“I’m kneeling before you, I thank People Power supporters and my brother Bobi Wine who are hunting for the man called Yiga. This man comes from Gomba, this man abused the King of Buganda, he is a goon. One of his military soldiers is the one who beat up my son to the extent of breaking his jaw,” Tamale Mirundi said while appearing on SK Mbuga’s STV ‘EMBUGA SHOW that happens every Sunday.

Last Thursday his son Junior was attacked and beaten nearly to death while on his way home. He is currently under medication

Tamale added that his son was badly injured to the extent that he will not be able to speak for the next six months.

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