Tanzania police have discovered 10 hectares of cannabis and arrested two farmers in connection with illegal cultivation of the drugs in the country’s northern district of Msalala in Shinyanga region, an official said on Monday.

Nyawaminza Migabe, a village executive officer in Msalala district, said police have also impounded a warehouse used for storing harvested cannabis in the area in a special crackdown in collaboration with the village authorities.

“Some of the harvested cannabis was already stored in the warehouse,” said Migabe.

Migabe said during the crackdown, police arrested a man with rolls of cannabis and when he was interrogated he told the police he acquired the cannabis from the farm belonging to the two arrested farmers.

Migabe said preliminary investigations showed that customers of the cannabis were mostly artisanal gold miners at Buswangili, Tambarare, and Kalole mining areas in the district.


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