Good news arise for the people of Tanzania as the National Identification Authority (NIDA) announces the removal of expiration dates on the National identity cards.

An image showing the old look of the National Identity card of Tanzanian citizens.

NIDA is responsible for making and issuing out national ID’s in Tanzania. This was announced by the Minister for Home Affairs Hamad Masauni at a press conference in Dar el Salaam, for where he said the aim of was to do away with the unnecessary inconveniences that would arise from the renewal of the documents.

There for Tanzanian’s national identity cards are set to last indefinitely after the government annunciations. How ever he didn’t state what would happen to the already existing identity cards with expiry dates.This has weighed off Tanzanians who always had to pay Tshs20,000 for renewal.

National Identification and Registration Authority which issues out National IDs in Uganda

This has come in time when some Ugandans majorly those whose registered first in 2014 are in worry and looking for ways of how to renew their national identity cards due to their nearby dates of expiry.