In Uganda today, there is an increase in pornographic and sex videos of child sex predators and traffickers, promoting and grooming children, especially boys into acts of sex abuse and exploitation for money.

Uganda Police Reports show that many are groomed and engaged in sexually explicit acts of oral sex, unnatural practices of anal sex, and other indecent practices. The majority of the victims are usually very vulnerable and from extremely poor backgrounds, some with a history of sexual abuse or domestic violence.

“In some of the videos, young boys and girls are streamed live on TikTok, being victimized by child sex predators wearing face masks and shields. The young boys and girls are under the control of the Criminal Sexual Networks and gangs, who make vast profits off the exploitation and hundreds of boys and girls,” said SCP Enanga Fred the police spokesperson.

However, although Uganda Police have evidence of Criminal Sexual Networks and gangs, they still find it hard to track them down since they are so secretive, and not visible and victims are reluctant to go to the police and report.

“Victims are recruited, groomed, and paid under methods of coercion and control that is difficult to break through by highly skilled local recruiters and operating in largely poor ghetto areas. Where the victims cannot come forward to report these cases which makes it difficult to identify the perpetrators,” said Enanga.

He added on and said that the acts are not acceptable, and they shall ensure as the Joint Security Agencies that they do everything within their means to safeguard the children.


“We also call upon the public, all child defenders and rights groups, local leaders, and the community, to team up with the police in fighting child sex abuse and exploitation. We have dedicated teams of detectives whose role is to target the suspects exploiting children and bring them to police,” said Enanga.

Police have provided the community with their toll-free numbers in case anyone has information about the dissemination of child abuse material and physical sexual abuse of children. They are urged to contact the National Operations Command Centre by telephone contacts 0707600773/0776999136 or 0800199699 and that the information will be strictly confidential.

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