The Mega ‘Gwanga Mujje’ Concert of singer Joseph Mayanja alias Dr. Chameleon is hanging on a line because he violated the contract, he had made with Event organisers to perform in Moroto on 13th January 2023.

Event organisers under Mulla Entertainment wants the Inspector General of Police, Martin Okoth Ochola to block the forthcoming Gwanga Mujje Concert until they are compensated over Ugandan shillings 150m for breach of contract.

In the letter they wrote to the IGP through Elgon Advocates, Abdulwahib Karim, Kisekka Samson, Sam Ojakol, and Kirya Ashiraf, the brains behind Mulla Entertainment explain that they booked the boss of Leone Island Music Empire for a concert nicknamed Wale Wale at Moroto Resort Hotel on January 13th, 2023.

“He is the everyone who selected the date, we tried to argue with him that people would not come for the show, but he insisted and said that’s when he will be back from the United States (US). We expected over 10,000 people to come to Moroto, but people were calling others to ask if he is around,” said James Muya, the promotions manager at Mulla events.

They, however, believe that Chameleon just refused to turn up to perform leaving a thousand people who had showed up from different districts stranded causing losses totaling to Shillings 150,000,000, which damaged their reputation.

“We want Chameleon to pay for all efforts we have put into this show and our reputation because everyone thinks we lied to them that we booked him,” said James Muya.

As a result, the event organisers want the IGP to cancel the Gwanga Mujje concert that is scheduled for February 24, 2023, over the unpaid damages and losses resulting from the failed shows.

“The guy decided to disappoint us and later gave us different reasons as to why he failed to turn up, saying that he missed the flight even after we paid for the air ticket but after linking up with his manager. He said that Chameleon was sleeping,” he said.

Chameleone has since apologized to his fans in the Karamoja region for failing to turn up for the show blaming his absence on flights.

“I was disappointed too when the flights didn’t make it through, I tried though but the flights were not available as we earlier expected.” said Chameleon.

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