Former Presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi also known as Bobi Wine reacts to Magere land saga in which a one Ms Nakamatte came out claiming to own the land and she wants court to cancels all titles on it.

Nakamatte claims over 2,000 people including Bobi Wine got land titles illegally and have to evicted.

Through his socials, former presidential candidate has disregarded all the claims and says its the government doing all that to make him poor

“There is nothing they will not do! Although I have owned land in Magere, Kamwokya, and Busabala for over a decade, it was only when I declared intentions to challenge the despot that they filed all manner of bogus cases against me in relation to all these properties. Eventually, they want to leave me without anything, but also to keep us engaged in these kinds of situations as they steal, kill and destroy our nation.

Taking on a dictator is certainly no mean feat, but it will end in victory for the people. No dictator’s story has ever been the rise and rise- it is usually the rise and fall! So will it be for Gen. Museveni.” he posted

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