Yesterday 8th March being an International Women’s day, many people attended the arranged Canaan land Ministries prayers that were led by Suzan Makula.

Suzan Makula is the well known second or current wife to the city pastor who resides in Makerere Kikoni, Pastor Aloysius Bugingo.

During the prayers Suzan talked about a long way known gospel singer Julie Birungi who she identified as Julie Mutesasira being a fool because of the route she took when she resided in Canada.

“There is a fool I normally see called Julie Mutesasira, she used to be my friend and she became a lesbian. No one wants to ruin others like a damaged person,” she said.

“When Satan was chased away from heaven, knowing what’s there, he doesn’t want anyone else to go there. Julie Mutesasira’s campaign is to show the world that homosexuality is the best thing in the world. She is always sharing posts of people supporting homosexuality. But who knows her apart from Ugandans? I used to love her songs, but she is no longer human.”

Julie Mutesasira was married to Pastor Steven Mutesasira of the Redeemed of the Lord Evangelistic Church, Kamwokya and they are now divorced.. The couple had three children, two of whom, Esther and Ezekiel, were the winners of East Africa’s Got Talent in 2019. The couple divorced in 2016 and she relocated to  Canada. Julie Mutesasira is well known of her songs like Nkomyewo 2008, Linda 2021, Gwenjagala 2004 and many others. Today Julie live in Canada and is married to a fellow lady making her part of LGBTQ.

Considering Julie’s present life this was the base of Makula’s preaching where she said Julie Mutesasira is influencing other people into disgusting relationship of the same sex which is a sin.

She continued and said since they were friends she didn’t expect this from someone like Julie.

How ever when the message reached Julie she replied and said its her life and she is not recruiting anyone.She also pointed out the hypocrisy in Makula for looking at her as a sinner because she is a lesbian yet Makula was also cohabiting with a married man.

Video where Susan Makula and Julie Birunji exchanged words.

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