Traffic Police in Uganda has threatened to surrender the role of controlling traffic flow in junctions and urban centers to traffic wardens.

According to the Acting Traffic Commander, Lawrence Nuwabiine, they will be studying the situation in Kampala City Authority (KCC) and other urban centers nationwide with the view of withdrawing traffic officers and passing on the role to the traffic warden.

“The traffic police is at a fixed point, and we are also studying the situation where we need to remove traffic officers from many of these junctions in Town. Urban authorities should organise themselves and have traffic wardens do the traffic control which is their mandate,” said Nuwabiine.

He added on and said that the move is aimed at allowing the traffic officers to concentrate on their role of enforcing traffic regulations to stop road carnage.

“It is not the mandate of the Traffic Police to start controlling traffic for you to go and have lunch, or to go and have parties, wave jam for you to go and visit your girlfriends and boyfriends,” said Nuwabiine.

According to Nuwabiine, it’s high time for urban authorities such as Kampala Capital City Authority-KCCA to start recruiting traffic wardens to take up their responsibilities.

“This will help us to release enough manpower of traffic officers to do enforcement and carry out crash investigations, which are our two core activities, and we wouldn’t like to miss that point. Maybe this will help us to deal with these indiscipline motorists perfectly,” Nuwabiine added.

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