Just a few hours after its premiere, Rickman’s video for his song dubbed ‘Cinderella’ (feat. An-Known Propser) has been deleted from YouTube and Sheilah Gashumba is unhappy about it.

Released over a month ago, Rickman’s song ‘Cinderella’ has been getting good airplay on radio and on different online streaming platforms.

The song on which he features An-known was on Friday spiced up with beautiful visuals in which Rickman’s girlfriend Sheilah Gashumba features as ‘Cinderella’.

In the visuals, the two lovers appear quite intimate and even share a romantic kiss according to photos cited by Mbu.

To our shock, however, hours just after uploading the video, it has been taken down! While searching to have more glimpses of the visuals, we realized it had been deleted.

Upon trying to find out why, we landed on scorching rants on Sheilah Gashumba’s Snapchat handle in which she seems to put the blame on the artists.

When asked why the video was taken down, the NRG Radio Uganda presenter answers, “Don’t ask me about (the) music video. I’m just a video vixen and not the artist.”

She then goes on to rant about being disappointed having wanted the video to happen more than the artists wanted it themselves.

“Never want something for someone more than they want it for themselves. You will get very very DISAPPOINTED,” she writes.

Sheilah Gashumba who seems quite furious then says she will not comment any further about the “clumsiness” of the artists as she is “too organized for such nonsense.”

We are yet to understand the real reason behind the video being deleted but one thing we are sure of is that Sheilah Gashumba is unhappy about it.

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However Rickman commented saying the video uploaded earlier had bad sound and a better one will be uploaded today Saturday.

credit: mbu