The Uganda Communications Commission spoke about the continuous data communication policy that was recently rocking the air waves and social media platforms that the requirements do not affect social media accounts.

This is according to the acting UCC Executive Director Irene Akankwasa Wankambo said that the directions do not affect all persons who post content on Twitter Or Facebook.

UCC had earlier published a notice that if your social media page is used to transmitting sound, video or even data intended for stimulus reception by the public or broadcasting and data like in an electric form/visual that they need authorization as data communicator.

The statement sparked off a storm on social media, many accusing UCC of curtaining of freedom of speech and expression where people wondered why they would require permission to share ideas/pictures on their social media accounts.

Kaggwa says the notice applies to service programmes and arrangements that provide to transmit and distribute audio or visual via internet.

She adds that such services is comparable to form i n content in broadcasting services and that which is distributed to the public for commercial interest.




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