The Kawempe North Member of Parliament elect Muhammed Ssegirinya was this morning arrested from Mini Price in downtown Kampala.

Muhammed Ssegirinya
Muhammed Ssegirinya

According to Police, his arrest was after he attempted to lead a protest demanding for the release of NUP supporters who are being detained incommunicado.

Ssegirinya who is currently battling the fake documents rumor says he cannot sit back and fold his hands when his constituents are being abducted by security forces on a daily.

“We will continue to demand for the freedom of all Ugandans whose rights have been abused by the dictator,” Ssegirinya said as police bundled him to the cells of Mini price police post in the city centre. “Where are our people being kept? We want all Ugandans to enjoy their rights. Security should stop treating Ugandans like slaves,” he added.

ASP Luke Owoyesigire the Kampala Metropolitan Police Deputy Spokesperson says they are to charge the MP elect with ‘inciting violence’.

“We had told whoever wants to protest to seek police approval as stipulated by the constitution,” he said on phone.

“Ssegirinya did not write to us seeking police permission. We are in critical times of covid and we can’t allow people to assemble and mix because this speeds up the spread of the disease. It is unhealthy for people to converge. What Ssegirinya did is unlawful and it puts other people’s lives at stake,” he adds.

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