Uganda Police has warned the opposition against planned illegal demonstrations on Tuesday

“We have received information from credible sources that a section of opposition politicians are planning nationwide violent demonstrations and riots beginning with Kampala Metropolitan area tomorrow (9/3/2021)” according to Kampala Metropolitan Police Deputy Spokesperson Luke Owoyesigyire

“The organizers of these illegal demonstrations are mobilizing the public using social media and leaflets with wording that reads “Time is Now. Join Nationwide protests to fight for our victory. M7 Tajja Kulayira.” he added

Police have deployed strategically to counter these illegal acts and we are continuing with vigilance.

Oweyesigyire also added;

“We want to warn the organisers of these unlawful demonstrations to desist from participating in any unlawful activities. The police will not hesitate to arrest and charge in courts of law anyone, who will be found participating in these illegal activities.”
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